2015: The Year of Triumph

The days crash against our lives like waves against a rocky shore.
Some moments pound themselves against the rocks until the stones lose their sharp edges.
Others tear themselves free from the surf and catch the sun like diamonds.

The past several posts have, almost exclusively, examined the dark leaden hammer moments that have chipped off pieces of our heart and soul and sent them sinking to the bottom of our psyche. I’m going to try real hard to keep this post glistening in the sunlight.

Just over a week ago, Paint and I were lying in our bed, limbs akimbo and clothes everywhere. Before you start to blush, allow me to explain. The following evening we would be leaving for vacation, and we were in the midst of packing. However, because we are professionals, procrastinating until the night before felt too easy, so instead of folding the clothes that covered our bed, we chose to fold ourselves in such a way that we could lie on the bed without disturbing the growing gob of garments.

“What should next year be?” Paint asked.
I pondered her question. “2015 sounds good, right?”
“No, I mean, what should the theme of 2015 be?”
“Mo’ money, mo’ problems?”
“No, I mean, like ‘the year of…?”
“The sheep? I think? I’d need to consult the placemats at the Chinese restaurant in the plaza down the road to be sure.”
No, as in, this year was the ‘Year of Preparation’, next year should be…”

Ah. That. Indeed, it was determined as 2013 drew to a close that 2014 would be “The Year of Preparation”. The idea was that we would use the new year to do whatever we needed to do to prepare the way for bouncing baby Awesome. As a result, finances got in line, nurseries were established (well, one), and our house was made into a full-fledged home. We were prepared. We were ready. Added bonus: We did it in record time. This meant that we had a hefty portion of the year left to make said baby and take it easy.

Or not.

If you’ve followed the blog for any length of time at all, you know how that particular story went. If you’re new to these here parts, feel free to re-read the second paragraph of this post an extrapolate what went down on your own. (Or, just read this.)

So there we were. In light of how we struck out this year, Paint wanted to point to the fences again. What would define 2015 for us? How would it be remembered? More importantly, how will 2015 be lived?

We bounced ideas off of one another for a while.

Year of margaritas.
Year of electronic dance music.
Year of getting better.
Year of being better.
Year of kicking ass and taking names.

Finally, she had it. Paint paused, and with a twinkle in her eye she suggested,  “The Year of Triumph.”

Hot damn.

With our practical procrastination perfected, we were free to finish packing. Since that fateful evening I’ve been pondering exactly what it is I want to triumph over next year. I think my goals fit broadly into three categories: Health, Confidence, and Relationships.

I’ll be honest. This is as far as I’ve gotten. I’ve not made any specific goals. My visionboard is dubiously blank. In fact, it was last night, just before I went to bed that I realized these are the three areas I’d like to improve upon in the upcoming year. So here’s what I’m thinking… I’m going to explore each of these in separate blog posts over the next few days. Maybe you guys would like to do the same? Pick a couple things you’d like to triumph over in 2015 and write about why you’d like to conquer them. Why are they important to you? How do you imagine your life would be different if these things were accomplished? What has held you back in the past?

If you have a blog where you want to write these things, share it in the comments below. If you don’t, feel free just to write your thoughts into the comments directly. If there’s enough interest, maybe we could all help each other? I’m not sure what that would look like, but maybe we could stay connected and check in periodically and see how things are going? Share our ups, share our downs. Learn together, grow together. I don’t know about you, but that already sounds like a decent way to kick off a new year.


2 thoughts on “2015: The Year of Triumph

  1. THESE are the kind of changes that will stick! There is good psychology behind the “being kind to yourself” in your efforts, and in incrememtL change versus monumental, sudden change. All that to say, Kudos! I believe 2015 WILL BE a year of triumph!

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