Eagerness grows


Two AM seems to be when the world dissolves, leaving just you and I. Together we run out of things to “do” and finally I look to you, still held snugly in my stomach, expectantly. My eagerness to meet you is beginning to surpass my love of pregnancy. I have so loved growing your body inside of mine. I’ve loved watching you grow and experiencing the privilege of being the one you need the most.

But, my eagerness grows. I long to envelope you in my arms instead of my ribs and I know it won’t be long now. I sit in your room and imagine our days to come. It feels impossible that a million moms have come before me and felt these things. 

I never want to forget these long nights waiting for you. My heart aches to see your face. Someday when I am tired or impatient I want to be brought back to this moment here now. May I remember that those same feet you’ll use you carry you through all of life were first felt deep within me. That the eyes you’ll look at me with hoping I’ll be as gentle as you deserve are the same eyes I’m aching to gaze into for the first time. May I never forget how deeply I love you and how longingly I want to you in my life. 


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