What a difference a day makes

Exhaustion overtook us both. Pigment slept 10-4:30 last night and I feel like a new person.  Already today I showered, snuggled in the glider watching the rain, face-timed with a dear long-distance friend, chatted with mom for over an hour, got out of the house for our Friday play group, picked up a prescription for this terrible thrush and now we’re at Einstein brothers. Pigment is snoozing away on my chest while I enjoy a jalapeño bagel and write a grocery list. 

I’m seeing tiny glimpses of what our new normal will be. Life requires much more flexibility on my part now. But in exchange for my patience I get to watch someone grow right before my eyes. I get to be the mama. I’m loving learning how to navigate this role. 

I don’t want to forget this time. Pigment will be 2 months old tomorrow. Already it feels like a blur. I love who this child is. I’ve never met a baby with such presence. He’s magnetic. I can’t believe he’s ours. It’s such an honor to have a front row seat for someone’s life. 

He makes me be present. Tomorrow is new; but today is so real. 

Gratitude overflows. 


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