Getting to Unknow God

God picked a hell of a week to show up. Continue reading


A New Pen

PaintĀ has this spirituality that I’m so envious of. She’s in touch with her heart and her body, so she follows them. They whisper truths in her ear and she accepts them humbly and without fanfare. Her feet say “Dear God,” and her hands say “Amen.” She lives inside a songĀ to a God she can’t name.

And then there’s me. I was trained from an early age that God must be sought. You read the books, learn the things, say the words, and if you mean it just the right way, maybe God will show up. Does that sound hard? It is, but don’t worry, we’ll turn the music up really loud during worship service so it’ll totes feel like God is all up in the joint. Jock Jams for Jesus. Continue reading