A Single Womb Apartment

Some of you might have noticed that it has been a while since Paint and I last had anything to say on the baby front. There’s a reason for that.

The proper etiquette and rules of decorum state that you must ensure the members of your family know of your impending parenthood before you begin engaging your social media channels. Paint and I have been dutifully waiting until it was time to send out announcements, and now that they have been received we can officially let the cat out of the bag:

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Ebb and Flow

My life is exactly what I always wanted it to be. Of that I’m proud. Pen and I just spent the holiday weekend at the beach. The trip was a complete whim, beginning with an innocuous text instigated by wanderlust. It’s nice to be able to just pick up and go, a luxury we know has almost neared its expiration as we crawl closer toward the decision to be parents. Continue reading

Brick by Brick

I think it began when I finally came to the conclusion that God doesn’t answer prayers. I had spent a life time before that learning that God prefers solitude over a good chat. If God doesn’t communicate with us, if he doesn’t have any bearing on the events in our lives… Then what good is he? What does believing in him accomplish? Continue reading

Thoughts on Thirty

As I write these words, I am in the process of turning thirty years old. It is only in the last three days that I have come to terms with that fact. Prior to that, the realization that I was approaching thirty was cause for existential ennui. Or, more accurately, the lie I’ve been telling myself for the last decade has been a cause for existential ennui. Continue reading